1/12 Liberty Bell 7 Mercury Redstone MR8 - NARAM 2000 (2000)
Scale Projects-1/12 Mercury Redstone
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It's All About Timing...

These three photos are all of the same flight. The far left and center photos are looking generally northwest while the far right photo is looking almost straight up and to the east. Doesn't look like the same sky, right?

The NARAM 2000 winning Team Sport Scale flight took place just before a pretty severe storm crossed the range. About five minutes before launch, high winds battered the launch site in advance of the storm. Then the winds suddenly died down, the countdown quickly resumed, and the rocket was launched into an almost clear sky...but just behind the photographer of the third photo the storm loomed. Literally as the model was being recovered, the storm rolled in, the winds resumed, and the NARAM 2000 range was shut down permanently as blinding wind-driven dust consumed the site.
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