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Model Rocket Technology, Techniques, Tips
  A Problem In Stability: Front Engine Rockets
Model Rocketry: A Step Back
  Vern Estes Home Page: Every rocketeer must visit this site!
Estes Body Tubes: Early History. The origins and the first kits and the first catalogs that the early Estes body tubes appeared. Most are available and popular to this very day!
Estes Model Rocket Classic Documents
  Vintage Estes publications from the 1960s and 1970s. Even modelers new to the hobby will find these steps back into early model rocket history interesting and invaluable!

Build the Raven...A Unique 1964 Front-Engine Boost Glider
  The Raven Boost Glider was a 1964 Estes design available only in plan form. If you are a Born Again Rocketeer...a really old BAR...then you will find this glider a refreshing step back to yesteryear!

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