Little Joe II
The Little Joe II was a solid-propellant vehicle designed and produced by Convair to a NASA request for a vehicle to launch and the Apollo Command Module and the Launch Escape System under launch abort conditions exceeding those that might be encountered during a manned mission.

George Gassaway/Tom Beach Little Joe II Pages

As far as I am concerned, there are no better modelers of the Little Joe II and collectors of Little Joe II data, photos, and plans than George Gassaway and Tom Beach. Follow this link to
George Gassaway's Little Joe II Pages. He covers the vehicle and models to an extent that will leave you exhausted!
Images are from original 4x5 transparencies. Most exceed 2000x3000 pixels in their small dimension. If you don't have a broadband connection, be prepared for delay in retrieving the image when you click on the thumbnail.
LittleJoeII- LittleJoeII-2 LittleJoeII-3 LittleJoeII-4 LittleJoeII-5
LittleJoeII-6 LittleJoeII-7 LittleJoeII-8 LittleJoeII-9 LittleJoeII-10
LittleJoeII-11 LittleJoeII-12 LittleJoeII-13 LittleJoeII-14 LittleJoeII-15
Rocket Hardware-Little Joe II
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