Model Rocketry and Spacemodeling Library
The Model Rocketry and Spacemodeling Library will include various works including research papers, documents, videos, photos and other computer accessible media. Emphasis will be placed on making available more obscure or diffucult to obtain or locate works.

F-1 Thrust Vector Control Study-Final Report", (PDF) Rocketdyne Engineering, Oct 28, 1959, 241 pgs., PDF Document.
This interesting plain-English overview of 13 different methods of controlling the thrust vector of the F-1 early in its development is a must read for anyone interested in the eventual development of of the Saturn V launch vehicle. This study is so early in the history of the F-1 engine (mid 1959) that the Saturn launch vehicle family had not been born yet and the only specific application for the motor was possibly in the first and second stages of early Nova concepts.

Juno Final Report Volume 1-Juno I: Re-entry Test Vehicles and Explorer Satellites", (PDF) Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Sep 6, 1960, 98 pgs., PDF Document.
Juno Final Report Volume 2-Juno II: Space Probes", (PDF) Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Sep 12, 1960, 92 pgs., PDF Document.

Together, these two documents give the space enthusiast a good look at the "Juno" series in general. However, for the scale modeler, "Juno Final Report Volume I-Juno I: Re-entry Test Vehicles and Explorer Satellites" gives much more detailed structural and dimensional information on the Redstone based (Jupiter-C) Juno I launch vehicle and upper stage development and construction as well as similar structural and dimensional details on the Explorer I Satellite. "Juno Final Report Volume 2-Juno II:Space Probes" gives a minimal overview of the the launch vehicle (the Army Jupiter based vehicle...much different than the Redstone/Jupiter-C vehicle used for the early Explorer launches).
Project Vanguard

"The Vanguard Satellite Launching Vehicle-An Engineering Summary" , (PDF) The Martin Company, April 1960, 212 pgs., PDF Document.
This document, though more obscure than "Vanguard: A history", is THE document for the spacemodeler and covers many of the structural and technical aspects of the Vanguard vehicle and satellites.

"Vanguard: A History" (HTML web document) - "Vanguard: A History". NASA SP-4202.
The official NASA history of Project Vanguard. This is a web-based version of the printed book in the NASA History Series from 1970 and is considered by most to be definitive from a historical perspective.
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