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Comments or
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Accur8 Skin Kit for
Estes Mercury Redstone
Exclusive skin design by John Pursley
Includes U.S. Shipping
Flying Model Rocket...Makes Great Display Model, Too!
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Ultra-Thin Self-Adhesive Vinyl
Easy To Apply
Corrected "UNITED STATES" Markings
Completely Covers Body Tube and Hides Spirals
Covers the Fins and Eliminates Visible Wood Grain
Provides A Tough Easy-To-Clean Surface
Save time and effort in creating your own flying masterpiece. There are details galore. Detailing is based on photos, hands-on measurements and NASA data used to create the Mercury Redstone models that won Team Division at the National Championships in 1998, 2000 and 2002.

Panels, hatches, surface details, vents, weld lines. They're all there!

The skin kit consists of 3 sheets of skin wraps to wrap the current Estes Mercury Redstone Kit #1921 as well as fin wraps for the earlier #2167 Kit
The images below show the detailing achieved by the Accur8 Mercury Redstone Skin Kit
Let Me Build a Mercury Redstone For You!
I utilize many improvements over a "stock" build of the kit. Foremost is the full body "skin" that is loaded with details galore. Plus, the skin completely hides body tube spirals and wood grain. Your buddies will ask, "How did you do that?" The model is equipped with a 5-foot log 750 pound test tubular Kevlar shock cord attached to the engine mount. Extra reinforced scale fin tips to reduce recovery damage. Double coat of clear acrylic to toughen and make your model easy to clean. AND MORE!